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A windshield serves as a guard from severe weather, protects the occupants in the event of an accident and offers a safe and contented ride. Damaged and neglected auto glass poses a potential security risk to passengers and other motorists on the road. A chip or crack on a windshield must be repaired with utmost urgency, if not; the damage may build up into a more serious fracture over time and require an expensive replacement. Auto Glass Repair is quite straight forward but requires an assured expertise and attention to the finest detail to make sure quality finish and security. Most automobile service centers perform auto glass repair, there are also a number of special auto glass repair and replacement companies that offer a variety of auto glass related services.

The initial step in auto glass repair is to review the damage and see if the glass can really be repaired. Majority of chips and breaks which are less than 1 to 2 inches wide and outside the dangerous line of vision can be repaired.

Windshields with breaks or chips larger than 1.5 inches and “spider web” fractures must be replaced. A windshield must also be replaced if the break is in the dangerous line of vision, the damage has penetrated the PVB layer, eight or more repairs have already been performed, the break is on both sides of the windshield, or if a crack ends at the edge of the windshield.

One can find the right automobile glass repair center by looking up the national auto glass repair and replacement list or by using the local yellow pages. Most repair and replacement centers offer suitable services like free quotes, residential service and claims handling.