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When you buy a car, you use your judgment and buy one that is best suited for your requirements. Most automobile companies use the finest quality raw material for their cars. Yet, sometimes there can be defects in your windshield. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of auto glass is the windshield. The windshield is important in ensuring the safety of passengers. If there is an impact, the windshield is supposed to protect you from any serious injury. Which is why the quality of the windshield becomes very important? You cannot, for the safety of your family and yourself, compromise on windshield replacement and auto glass repair.

• Before installing a new windshield, ensure that the old adhesive has been completely removed and there is place for the new one.
• Make sure if the windshield is placed perfectly at the center of the car.
• Check if the molding covers the border of the windshield.
• The molding around the windshield should be flat.

Once the technician completes installing the windshield ask him to demonstrate the windshield wiper motor. It is very imperative to do this because once you have paid the bill, and you find the windshield wiper motor is not working correctly then you will be charged an extra amount to repair it.

Safety Features

Majority of people know that an airbag is what protects in the event of a head on crash. If your windshield is not of the finest quality then it will shatter very effortlessly before the airbag can deploy in a misfortune. Choose windshield and auto glass upholding for the security of your passengers. On the other hand small the crack may seem, you have to consult a skilled technician and choose how best to repair it.