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The installation and replacement of automobile windshields is a fragile matter, and inappropriately skilled or ignorant technicians should be avoided at all costs. Poor technicians usually make small mistakes which can lead to big tribulations, particularly in the event of a mishap. These mistakes may include not systematically cleaning the new windshield and application area of the vehicle before fitting, or using butyl tape instead of urethane as the bonding agent.


In the same way, not wearing defensive gloves when handling the windshield can permit oils and dirt from the hands to pollute the bonded surfaces of the windshield. Skipping any step in the procedure will clearly lead to tribulations, and many incompetent technicians may do this, such as skipping the minor primer for the windshield altogether. This can put off the windshield from fully bonding to the automobile. Hiring a skilled technician is the best bet for windshield replacement.


Another ordinary mistake made by auto glass service technicians is that they may not fully give details of the situation to the vehicle’s owner. For example, after a windshield is changed, it needs time to completely repair it before it is safe to drive. Lack of communication between the technician and customer is a certain mark of an untrained technician. The service technician came, replaced the windshield in a matter of minutes, and left. My colleague never even knew the technician had come and gone. This is an ideal example of a poor message and low-quality service. Three weeks after this, his windshield developed a crack from the top of the windshield to the bottom. I don’t know if these have anything to do with one another, but it is very interesting, however.

Having a structurally compromised windshield can radically increase your chances of serious injury or death in the happening of an accident. In addition, if the windshield is not appropriately installed, these chances do not get any better, and may even be bad. To keep these things in our mind we always must hire the best technician for auto glass repair phoenix.